Inman, iBuy & How millennials are shaping our industry

Now that the JetLag has worn off, Pat breaks down his key takeaways from his week at InMan Connect in Las Vegas. Pat discusses the future of the industry- iBuyers, millennials & Immersive Marketing.

Inman wrapup: Millennials
  • Stats, stats, stats: The USA has 82 Million Millennials
  • Over 72% would like to buy a home
  • Over 52% of them believe homeownership showcases success (these percentages would be similar to AUS)
  • By 2021 over 50% of the world's percentage will be millennials so how do we ensure we are catering to their needs.
What do millennials want? 
    • Ease of use / speed/ transparence
  • How do we offer it?
    • Tech / AI / Voice Activation / Reports & analytics 
Inman wrapup: iBuy
  • Currently makes up less them 1% of the entire USA market place
  • Is expected to grow by 5% in the coming 12 months
  • What is it? How does it work?
    • >
    • Will it come to australia? YES
  • How does it add value?
    • Over 40% of Americans now receive an iBuy quote but less then 2.5% accept the offer that is given to them
    • Helps you get a better understanding as to what your property is worth in the current market place
Inman - New tech and expectations 

Big takeaway is that clients are looking for more out of a property listing

Immersive experiences are what people want
  • Matterport
  • VR Experiences
  • Feeling of being there
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