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Winterfest & The Kutalyana Collective

This week we shine a spotlight on WINTERFEST; a Free Community Event that is happening July 1st at the Botanical Institute, 2A Eddington Street, Bridgewater. Aaron takes the reigns on the mics this week and is joined by Kelly Anne, Coordinator of the Hippy Program for 'Save the Children', and Brooke, A Project Officer from kutalayna Collective, to discuss the upcoming event. Listen in to the fun-filled conversation detailed all the things you can expect at the fun-filled event coming soon.

A Positive Outlook on our Market (with Simon Pressley of Propertyology)

The team are once again wowed by the knowledge and expertise of Simon Pressley, Managing Director of Propertyology and REIA Hall of Famer, as he reassures us that despite mainstream media reporting, things aren't all doom and gloom for the property market... especially right here in our backyard!

Is Selling in Winter a good Idea?

The Boys are back and they couldn't be more excited about it. John has been away in the Philippines and filling his chair has not been an easy feat!... so with great pleasure we announce his return to the Property Pod for a fun and engaging chat that sometimes resembles a small semblance of being property related, but is mostly three old friends catching up on company time 😉 !

Campaign Agent - Pay Now, Pay Later Real Estate (with Joshua Simmons)

This week Pat and Aaron are joined in the Podcast Studio by Joshua Simmons of Campaign Agent. Campaign Agent are creating a world where vendors & agents have the financial freedom to maximise their property’s potential. Once a real estate agent has prepared a marketing strategy, homeowners can choose to Pay Now, or Pay Later for their marketing costs. Listen in to find out more about Campaign Agent here

BEAST MODE (with Suz Wiltshire)

The Property Pod team this week are joined by 4one4 Property Co. Sales Agent & Superstar of Hobart Real Estate, Suz Wiltshire, to discuss the goings on of the Hobart Marketplace & some changes that are coming for her moving forward for the rest of 2022 and beyond!

Improving Liveability for the Heart of Glenorchy

This week the team discuss the CityScape Civic Heart Masterplan which sets out a long-term vision for the center of Glenorchy. This project is part of Future Glenorchy and the Economic Recovery Program, aimed at growing Glenorchy and improving liveability of the City. The vision is for a modern, efficient, fully accessible precinct that will house Council Chambers, the Library, commercial tenancies, and other government services.

Plan Build Tasmania Portal Launches

This week the 4one4 Property Co. Property Pod Team discuss the new online portal that can help all users, including property owners, property developers, industry professionals, the general public and other agencies. Plan Build Tasmania allows anyone to enter an address in the portal to see what planning zones and codes apply to a property. A Property Report can be generated which includes maps, details of the planning zone, codes and other information that affect the selected property.

The Big Building Issue

Continuing the discussion on affordability in the Australian marketplace, this week the team discuss the Innovative social enterprise, Homes for Homes, who are aiming to establish a presence in Tasmania & the provide the opportunity to “pay it forward” and help boost affordable housing supply.

How to Start Property Investing Today (With Chris Sierzant)

Pat and John are once again Joined at the Mics by Chris Sierzant to discuss where he started with his Property Investment Journey and to provide a few basic tips for others to think about if they are thinking of doing the same. Listen in as they discuss three important principles when it comes to understanding the Property investment space...

New & Improved Schemes for Tasmanian First Home Buyers

Rounding out a trilogy of episodes discussing Housing Affordability & schemes that could help First Home Buyers get into the market; there were actually new and improved schemes introduced by the State Government just recently. Listen in as the boys unpack the schemes & give their opinions on them.

Building Up, Not Out, May be Tassies Housing Solution...

Following on from last week's episode about Housing Affordability in Tassie, the team this week discuss the proposal of building more medium density housing in Hobart and what benefits that could bring to the people of Tasmania.

Housing Affordability & Helping People Get into Homes

This week Aaron is back at the desk to lead the show, as Pat and John jump into some proposals that could help ease some of the Housing Affordability issues that face Tasmanian and Australians. It's great to have the whole team back together to have another engaging and easy to listen to chat about all things property in the Hobart marketplace.

Building a Portfolio from Scratch

John & Pat are joined by new friend of the show, Chris Sierzant, to discuss how he literally went from being a guy sitting on the couch listening to podcasts about investing in property to the owner of a very healthy portfolio of 6 properties in 22 months. Chris is super passionate and brings great knowledge and insight in this weeks episode of The Property Pod.

Securing That Property in Tassie's Tricky Market

Pat and John are on the Mics again, this week discussing some tips and tricks in Securing a Property in Tassie's Tricky Marketplace. Listen in on some anecdotes over their journey as real estate agents that may help you get a foot up in the purchasing space of property here in Tasmania

Modern Marketing Tools in the Pandemic & Beyond

In this weeks episode, Pat takes over hosting duties and has an in depth chat with John McGregor about how marketing property has changed during COVID-19 and the tools that are now used to promote property and help people purchase homes.

A Look Back On 2021 & Looking Forward To 2022

A Look Back On 2021 & Looking Forward To 2022 It's the first week of the year and the Property Pod team are back for their first pod of the year. The team look back over what has been described as a Golden Year of Real Estate for home owners in 2021- and look forward into what is forecast for the year to come. One thing is for sure, its going to be a big year for the Property Pod & 4one4 Property Co. Jump in to the latest episode here (or wherever you get your podcasts)

Another Luke Warm Christmas! (With Luke McGregor)

What do you get when you put Three McGregor Men in a room with a Podcast host?....Another Luke Warm Christmas!!! This week we are lucky enough to once again have John, his Dad Chris Mcgregor, and Logie Award winning Tasmanian Comedian and TV Star, Luke McGregor. Listen in as the family members discuss all things affordability and what Australia may need to do to even the playing field when it comes to the property market.

Tassie's Borders Opening to Rest of the Country

This week join the Property Pod Team as they discuss the recent border opening in Tasmania, Thor bringing the thunder and dropping in for a cheeky visit to check out some property on the East Coast; as well as preparing for a summer of Water Restrictions and Ashes Action at Bellerive.

3 Month Check In (With Suz and Laura)

Wow Wow Wow- 3 Months in and it's time to check in.... Suz and Laura have slotted into the 4one4 Property Co family like they were meant to be here from the beginning. They have jumped out of the gates with all engines firing and had a super successful start to their first 4one4 foray into helping people on their property journey.

A Framework for Preparing to Sell in 2022

Getting ready to sell next year? John has prepared a framework of questions that can help before going to market and a framework to help keep you focussed. With the Hot Hobart Marketplace at the moment, everyone wants to minimise time on market & maximising interest in their property. We are joined once again by Andrew Leggett of RAMS Home Loans Tasmania to help us out on the Property Pod.

Tassie's Days on Market are Way Down

Aaron and John are joined on this weeks Pod by Andrew Leggett (sitting in Pat's Seats whilst he is checking out Central Australia) and Chris McGregor- listen in as they discuss Tassies current Days on Market stats and what they mean for buyers and sellers in the current climate.

1 Year in Real Estate With Aaron Murray

This week Aaron and John are joined in the Podcast Studio by the other two members of Team McGregor; John's Father, Chris McGregor, and the newest member of the team, Aaron Murray. Listen in as they discuss how Aaron has found his first year working within the real estate industry- Aaron discusses all he as learnt across his journey, along with how he has just come off a weekend of hosting 4 Open Homes. Not too bad for someone just getting his start in the industry.

Open Homes & Pre-Approval (With Andrew Leggett of RAMS Home Loans)

Open Homes & Pre-Approval (With Andrew Leggett of RAMS Home Loans)

Property 101- A Discussion on Hobarts Healthy Marketplace with Simon Pressley (Propertyology)

Property 101- A Discussion of Hobarts Healthy Marketplace with Simon Pressley (Propertyology) This week the team are joined once again by their most frequented contributor to the Podcast, Simon Pressley of Propertyology. Listen in as Simon discusses the strength of the Hobart Marketplace and how buyer mood, buyer capacity, and competition at the coalface will continue to push things forward for those in Tasmania.

100! - A Celebration of The Property Pod

Join us as the boys celebrate the recording of the 100th Episode of the Podcast. From their humble beginnings hoping to reach 17 episodes of the show; they look back over the journey to 100! Find out a story about the mysterious lost pilot episode recording before Aaron quizzes Pat and John on their Property Pod knowledge- play along and see how you fair! Stick around till the end to see if the boys get their letter from the queen- and without spoiling it, there may just be some cake involved!

Starting our Journey to Carbon Neutrality (with Byron Munson, CEO of CLIMAGAP)

Join Patrick and John as they talk with Byron Munson, CEO of Climagap, as the team at 4one4 Property Co begin their journey to Carbon Neutrality. Carbon offsetting is one way a business can start it’s carbon neutral journey, become net zero or even climate positive. However, choosing offsets as part of your company’s climate action can feel complicated. Byron is here to help; and his passion is very evident in this discussion.

Interior Design for your Home (with Helena of Hello White Interiors)

This week we are once again graced by some wonderful guests provided by another long lost connection from rockstar 4one4 team member, Suz Wiltshire. Suz and Aaron are joined on the mics this week with Helena from Hello White Residential + Commercial Interiors.

Getting the Band Back Together

The OG Property Pod Trio are back together after what seems like an eternity (about 5 episodes?! :P) and you guessed it, things get off to a boisterous start.... There is some interesting chatter in there about the Hobart Marketplace in the June Quarter; but if you have been tuning into the Property Pod from the beginning, you know that when these three go off on a tangent there is alot of side chatter to get through too!

Freshly Styling your Home (with Reece & Olivia of 'Fresh Launch')

On this week's episode of The Property Pod, Pat takes over hosting duties and brings Suz Wiltshire into the studio to have a fun and boisterous conversation with local Tasmanian styling superstars, Reece & Olivia of 'Fresh Launch' The fresh launch approach to styling is relaxed + friendly - they see styling as a tool to empower a house to become a home. Styling allows the personality of a home to shine by creating a sense of depth + ambience. Listen in to this fantastic chat with some wonderful people.

Welcome to the 4one4 Family- Laura Gunn

Completing the two part series of Welcoming the newest Dynamic Duo into the 4one4 Property Co Family- this week we welcome Laura Gunn onto the Microphone, the other Half of the Suz and Laura Property Team! Learn about how Laura got herself into the industry, how she jumped at the opportunity to team up with Superstar Sales Agent Suz Wilthsire and how she is faster around the Speedway in a NASCAR than her husband. Welcome to the team Laura and thanks for joining us on the Property Pod.

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