Seven City Deals (with Simon Pressley of Propertyology)

The boys are rejoined by friend of the podcast, Simon Pressley of Propertyology, and discuss some city deals that are bringing big bucks to some of the regional cities around Australia.

Segment 1:
Food for thought... 
Brisbane Lions... True contenders?

  • Are Simon's lion's true contenders for this year's flag?
    • We get to the bottom of it by going to our man on the ground in Brisbane - Simon Pressley of Propertyology
Segment 2:
Deep Dive: Seven City Deals bringing big bucks to Tassie

Open talks with Simon on his newest blog post that went live on Aug 16th.
  •  What are city deals?
  • Take a look into the seven cities that made the list? Why these cities?
  • Tasmania is strongly represented again... Is it time to pack up and relocate to the Apple Isle?

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