Debunking the Myths of Property Appraisals

This week the boys debunk the myths surrounding Free Property Appraisals. What does an getting an Apprasial really mean and why is it a good idea to get one?

Property Appraisals:
  • What’s involved/Covered?
    • Renovation tips / presentation
    • Price opinion
    • Marketing / Methods of Sale
    • Costing
  • Do they cost money to have one done?
  • How long do they take?
  • Am I obligated to proceed with an agent if I get them in to look at my home?
  • Should I get more than one? If yes how many?
  • At what point should I get one?
    • When im ready to list / 1-2 months in advance / or every few years, just to keep my finger on the pulse?
  • If I own an investment property should I keep up to date with its value?

    • Yes, this will help you understand the equity you have in the home and may open up opportunities. 

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