What happens when your rental is being sold

This week the boys discuss What is involved when selling a property you currently have rented out...or if your landlord is selling the place you live in. Pat and John discuss the ins and outs of selling and property with a Tennant in place. AND A brief discussion on AREC (Australian Real Estate Conference) over the past weekend.

Deep Dive: Selling a tenanted property
  • What's involved when selling a property you currently have rented out?
  • What are the Tenants rights? How do you handle it as agents Pat and John?
  • How can you make the Tenant feel ok about the process?
  • What are the Owners obligations? Legislation protecting both parties?
AREC (Australian Real Estate Conference)
Was held last weekend on the Gold Coast; which is Australia's largest Real Estate conference.
  • 2 Day event which over 3500 agents from around the country attend (Paul from 4one4 attended this year) and focused on of Theme of “Connect, Think, Innovate, GrowSpeakers spoke about how to stay relevant within the real estate industry... and that is exactly what we are trying to achieve with “The property pod” provide information to our followers.

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