Covid City, Muck Up Day & Inspection Regulation`

This week the boys discuss some things that have been in the news- Sci-fi Style Covid safe cities of the future, the future generation auctioning off their school as a Jail and how property inspectors may need to tighten up the reigns on who can do them.

China is building the worlds first COVID proof smart city, features include the following:

  • Fully timber construction to help stop the spread
  • Rooftop sustainable farms
  • renewable energy
  • The living quarter is part of the blueprint for the Xiong’an New Area, a megacity near Beijing that dwarfs Greater London in size
  • Its high-tech facilities, such as larger drone friendly balconies, shared 3-D printers and communal greenhouses, will allow residents to live more comfortably in case of future lockdowns.

  • Students in Sydney stages mock auction and sell their school as part of year 12 muck up day
  • Students engage a local agency to help with a photo sign board
  • Instant interest from local developers wanting to find out about the homes mix-use potential.
Hobart building inspectors -

  • A lot of talk of the industry needing to be more regulated to ensure when people pay $500 for a report they get the correct information back.

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