The Rise of the Robot Within the Real Estate Industry- With Sarah Bell of AIRE

This week the boys discuss the present day, and future implications, on Artifical Intelligence within the Real Estate Industry. The boys' deep dive into the topic with special guest, Sarah Bell of AIRE (

Ai Robots with Sarah Bell of AIRE (
  • We learn about Sarah Bell; her background within the industry and how she is developing AI for use within it?
  • What is AI VS a Chatbot?
  • What are some examples of AI in everyday life that people are currently using and don't know it? Google Home? Netflix's recommendations? 
  • How is AI Tech changing the industry?
  • Will robots and AI replace real estate employees?
  • How does AI help the average consumer?
  • Is AI  currently mainstream within the real estate industry? Or it is still early adopters using the tech at this point in time?
  • Where do you see AI in 5 years time?
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