Jumping into Investing - With guest Blake Smedley

The boys discuss their new found fame as Mercury Featured Podcasters; listen as the fame goes to their head and Pat plays low key famous in his robe, crown and Gold Chalice of Coffee. Then as things get a little more serious they deep dive into an interview with Blake Smedley, a recent purchaser of his second investment property. Blake keeps up with the Banter of the Property Pod team and leads an interesting discussion into his entrance and continuing adventures into the Property Investment game.

With local generation, Y Investor Blake Smedley the team look at his tips to buying your first investment property and his journey. The team cover:
  • How did you start within the property market?
  • If you were to start again what would you do differently?
  • If you were advising your best mate in regards to buying his first property what would you suggest?
  • What do you look for in a property, what resources do you use? Ie: the list? Property sales info?
  • Have you heard of reinvesting? And is this something you practice yourself?
  • You now have two properties, what's your goal? Will you keep growing your portfolio?
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