Hobart housing in 2019

In this weeks edition of the Property Pod Patrick, John and Aaron take a quick look back at Hobart and recent real estate related news. then take a deep dive into the world of building your own home

The Housing minister was in Hobart last Thursday for an emergency meeting and the team take a quick look into what took place:
  • New announcements for additional funding for affordable housing through companies like Centacare Evolve Housing
  • New advisory board set up comprising of the Mayors of all six municipalities along with the property council of Australia
Then in this week deep dive, the team take a closer look into building your own home and cover:

  • The team talk about the advantages of building VS buying an existing home
  • Owner Builder VS spec home build Vs Contract Build which is best
  • Owner-builder - full control, 
    • You need to know some building knowledge to keep the project moving forward
    • Need to have time to work on the project (flexible working hours)
    • Need to have building contacts to streamline the process
  • Contract Build - you buy the land and hire a builder
    • You get to choose items for the home but the choice is minimal
    • Most choices need to be signed off early in the piece
    • Need to make progress payments throughout the build
    • You get guidance from the building team
  • Spec Home Build - Buying a new home that's finished
    • This can be purchased off plan
    • You don't have to hand over any money until it is complete and you take ownership
    • You get little if any choice
    • You still qualify for grants
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