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Property 101- A Discussion on Hobarts Healthy Marketplace with Simon Pressley (Propertyology)

Property 101- A Discussion of Hobarts Healthy Marketplace with Simon Pressley (Propertyology) This week the team are joined once again by their most frequented contributor to the Podcast, Simon Pressley of Propertyology. Listen in as Simon discusses the strength of the Hobart Marketplace and how buyer mood, buyer capacity, and competition at the coalface will continue to push things forward for those in Tasmania.

100! - A Celebration of The Property Pod

Join us as the boys celebrate the recording of the 100th Episode of the Podcast. From their humble beginnings hoping to reach 17 episodes of the show; they look back over the journey to 100! Find out a story about the mysterious lost pilot episode recording before Aaron quizzes Pat and John on their Property Pod knowledge- play along and see how you fair! Stick around till the end to see if the boys get their letter from the queen- and without spoiling it, there may just be some cake involved!

Starting our Journey to Carbon Neutrality (with Byron Munson, CEO of CLIMAGAP)

Join Patrick and John as they talk with Byron Munson, CEO of Climagap, as the team at 4one4 Property Co begin their journey to Carbon Neutrality. Carbon offsetting is one way a business can start it’s carbon neutral journey, become net zero or even climate positive. However, choosing offsets as part of your company’s climate action can feel complicated. Byron is here to help; and his passion is very evident in this discussion.

Interior Design for your Home (with Helena of Hello White Interiors)

This week we are once again graced by some wonderful guests provided by another long lost connection from rockstar 4one4 team member, Suz Wiltshire. Suz and Aaron are joined on the mics this week with Helena from Hello White Residential + Commercial Interiors.

Getting the Band Back Together

The OG Property Pod Trio are back together after what seems like an eternity (about 5 episodes?! :P) and you guessed it, things get off to a boisterous start.... There is some interesting chatter in there about the Hobart Marketplace in the June Quarter; but if you have been tuning into the Property Pod from the beginning, you know that when these three go off on a tangent there is alot of side chatter to get through too!

Freshly Styling your Home (with Reece & Olivia of 'Fresh Launch')

On this week's episode of The Property Pod, Pat takes over hosting duties and brings Suz Wiltshire into the studio to have a fun and boisterous conversation with local Tasmanian styling superstars, Reece & Olivia of 'Fresh Launch' The fresh launch approach to styling is relaxed + friendly - they see styling as a tool to empower a house to become a home. Styling allows the personality of a home to shine by creating a sense of depth + ambience. Listen in to this fantastic chat with some wonderful people.

Welcome to the 4one4 Family- Laura Gunn

Completing the two part series of Welcoming the newest Dynamic Duo into the 4one4 Property Co Family- this week we welcome Laura Gunn onto the Microphone, the other Half of the Suz and Laura Property Team! Learn about how Laura got herself into the industry, how she jumped at the opportunity to team up with Superstar Sales Agent Suz Wilthsire and how she is faster around the Speedway in a NASCAR than her husband. Welcome to the team Laura and thanks for joining us on the Property Pod.

Welcome to the 4one4 Family- Suz Wiltshire

This week we welcome new 4one4 Property Co Team member and all round superstar, Suz Wiltshire to the Property Pod. Get to know this bubbly and effervescent personality and find out how her philosophy goes beyond just selling homes-but helping those out and making lifelong connections. One of those lifelong connections is Laura Gunn, who works side by side everyday with Suz; Find out the genesis of this remarkable working relationship and come along for the ride as we delve deeper into the world of Suz Wiltshire and Laura Gunn

Housing Affordability in Tasmania (With Chris McGregor & Sam Allwright)

E93 // The Property Pod - Housing Affordability in Tasmania (With Chris & John McGregor & Sam Allwright) Mixing things up this week, John has hijacked the mics and is having an in depth discussion about a recent Real Estate Institute of Australia - REIA report on Housing Affordability. You can also head over to our Blog to find an in depth break down of the report: https://www.4one4realestate.com.au/2021/09/housing-and-rental-affordability-decline-in-tassie/

Offers in the Apple Isle

This week the team are coming down from the MKH sponsorship; and are bolstered by their good friend Granny Smith. Listen as Pat covers off on his recent foray into the offer process; welcoming our latest team member, Jo Strange as new 4one4 Property Co. BDM, and a new Rent to Buy Scheme. As always, the guys have a lot of fun as they cover off on all these topics.

Hobart Ferry Trial

This week the 4one4 Property Co. Property Pod team are getting down and dirty!!! Reppin' their MKH Contracting gear they dive into Hobart Ferry Trial running from Bellerive to Princess Wharf, the Wild Wintery weather of the past week and How the rental market could be affected by Airbnb restrictions!!!! The boys sure have some fun with their 'Sponsorship', so jump on board this week, jump on board the MKH x 4one4 Property Co Property Pod!!!!

Cable Car Cancelled

This week the team chat about the Olympic Games, the Hobart City Councils decision to not go ahead with the latest Cable Car proposal & the opening of a New 6 million Dollar sports facility in Brighton, Tasmania.

National Property Managers Day with Abbey Berry

This week the team are joined by 4one4 Property Co.'s Property Management Director (& Pats wife), Abbey Berry, to discuss an initiative started up recently to celebrate the work of Property Managers across Australia, the National Property Management Appreciation day #NationalPropertyManagersDay Find out more here: https://www.nationalpropertymanagersday.com.au/

Granny Flat Grant

This week we chat about Tasmania's Ancillary Dwellings Grant Program that applications have just opened up on... The boys discuss how this may be an answer for the Housing Shortage that is currently affecting the Hobart Marketplace.

Tax Tips for Property Investors

Want to hear Aaron's Brain explode as he tries to discuss something he knows very little about on a Podcast???? Then this episode is for you.....

Ready, Set, Shoot: A Conversation about Your Home Preparation

The team discuss Tasmanians Best Festival, Dark MOFO, and then go on to follow up from last week's episode, with Tips and Tricks on Prepare your house for Sale Photos.

Setting the Stage- A conversation about home staging

Join Aaron and his 4one4 Property Co. Real Estate Agent Panel, John McGregor and Patrick Berry, as they discuss the merits of styling a home for sale- whether it be via physical furniture being installed by a styling professional or a photoshop wizard stepping in to give the room a bit of digital furniture.

An Energy Efficient Future (With Tom Green of Engunity Power Solutions)

This week the team take a look into the future; and more specifically the energy of the future! We cover off on How just a few tweaks of the current system can help us have a more 'future-proofed' and environmentally friendly approach to our energy consumption! Listen in as Aaron & John talk with guest, Tom Green of Enginuity Power Solutions, on his new start up business and his passion for creating a better future for this and the coming generations.

Conversations about Contract Conditions

So you've signed a contract on a property- but there are some conditions to cover off on before everything is official! ...Do you have the Finance!? Is there a building inspection clause perhaps? All these things seem pretty easy to understand if you do it all do everyday, but for the first home buyer who has never signed on the dotted line before, What do these things actually mean? And what conversations should you be having when it comes to Contract Conditions when buying a home?

Renovating for your future

This week the team cover off on how in this current market First Home Buyers may be better to sacrifice the 'dream home' first & start with a fixer upper- Aaron talks about the process of renovating his home & how it was the best option for him. What do you think? Buy New or Upscale the Old?

Tales of a Real Estate Veteran (with Chris McGregor)

The boys are joined by John's Dad, Chris McGregor, Legend amongst the ranks of real estate here in Hobart, Tasmania- his list of accolades are too long to write here, so we will let John read them out in the show... Listen in as Chris recounts just a few of his interactions in the Tasmanian Real Estate Market.

Suburbs that are More Affordable to Buy In than Rent

This week the team cover off on some suburbs in Hobart that are surprisingly more affordable to buy a property in than to find a rental. It may be hard to find with the shortage of Listings on the market currently, but if you can find one, it may just be worth jumping on it!

Tassie Real Estate on Top of the World (With Simon Pressley of Propertyology)

This week the boys are joined by friend of the Podcast, Simon Pressley of Propertyology, to discuss the state of the Australian Marketplace with a particular focus on the strength of the Tassie Market currently. With record lows on stock levels in Hobart, What does this mean for purchasers and sellers in the future?

Tassie Market Dominating the Nation

This week the crew cover off on how well the Tassie marketplace is performing across the whole nation. As a start, In the latest data from realestate.com.au, Seven Mile Beach houses have median days on market of just SEVEN. If you are interested in knowing what other suburbs in Tasmania have performed so well, listen in.

New Tech for Buying Property

This week the guys discuss new tech in the buying process- apps made to help the purchasing process perhaps becoming easier/fairer... What do you think?

Tartan Carpet, Anniversaries & Ratemyagent awards

This week the crew cover off on selling the family home and whether it is better to get another agent in to help, Pat & Aaron talk about their upcoming anniversaries... and John, well, John talks about being Scottish... alot!

Rural Reform + Price Growth Projection

This week the team discuss a report on the public wanting to leave the 'Big Smoke' and 'Go Country' and perhaps a need for a new rural reform on housing + along with the projected price growth across the Hobart Market place in 2021 and beyond.

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