A Framework for Preparing to Sell in 2022

Getting ready to sell next year? John has prepared a framework of questions that can help before going to market and a framework to help keep you focussed. With the Hot Hobart Marketplace at the moment, everyone wants to minimise time on market & maximising interest in their property. We are joined once again by Andrew Leggett of RAMS Home Loans Tasmania to help us out on the Property Pod.

Getting ready to sell next year?

The questions you need to answer before going to market and a framework to help keep you focussed

We all want Minimising time on market, maximising interest

First Understand what is in your control vs out of control

Our of your control - The Market, The Location

In your control:


December is a great opportunity to work on your presentation:

What do you focus on? Ask this, are you fixing a question or a but?

People ask questions primarily because of maintenance concerns - if that's wrong, what else is wrong - like pulling a string

A but, is a characteristic about the home they don't like, location, orientation that you may or may not be able to change.

'I love the open plan, but I'd need to change the kitchen.'

To address a question is about protecting your value - in addressing buts you can  either enhance the value or overcapitalise which is investing more time, energy, and money than you will realistically get back upon selling.

What is important is to know your goals, where you want to go, when you want to leave and what do you need to get there.

With those 3 questions laid out we then start working backwards in what is worth doing.
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